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Pigments and Solvent Dyes for Sale!
April 30th, 2011

Following pigments are overstocked at our company and we would like to offer them to the public:
Pigment Yellow 138 - 280-300 C Heat Stability for Plastics and Fibers
Pigment Red 48:2 - 180 C Heat Stability for PVC/EVA Plastics and Inks
Pigment Red 57:1 - 160 C Heat Stability for PVC/EVA Plastics and Inks
OB-1 - Optical Brightener Agent (OBA 393) for All Plastics and Fibers
OB - Optical Brightener Agent (OBA 184) for PE and PP Plastics and Fibers
Solvent Brown 53 - For PET Staple Fibers and PET Bottles/Sheets
Pigment Yellow 34 (Lemon Yellow)- 260 C Heat Stability for PE, EVA, PVC and PP Plastics

Products for Recycled PET industry
February 8th, 2011

Setas Masterbatch is proud to announce new products for the Recycled PET industry:
PET IV Enhancer - this product can be used for increasing IV of the PET flakes during extrusion process.
PET Optical Brightener - this product can be used to enhance optical properties of the PET flakes.

New Products for PET Film (BOPET) Industry
December 15th, 2010

Setas Masterbatch has developed the following products for the BOPET Film Industry:
Masterset White 1 BOPET-50, a special opaque white masterbatch with 50% TiO2 loading designed specially for the BOPET film industry. LDR is 10-20%.
Masterset White 1 BOPET-BA, masterbatch with 50% BaSo4 loading designed specially for BOPET Film industry. LDR is 8-15%.
We currently have a special FR masterbatch project under development for the BOPET Film industry.

New Organizational Announcement: MASTERSET
June 1st, 2010

Starting June 1, 2010 all plastics related masterbatches for the Turkish local market will be sold by our sales company, Masterset Plastik Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi. For more info, please visit: www.masterset.com.tr
All local Turkish plastics masterbatch inquiries should be directed to Masterset Company. Technical service will be provided by Setaş Masterbatch.

PET Antiblock Masterbatch
July 15th, 2009

Setas Masterbatch is proud to announce an excellent antiblocking masterbatch for PET sheet extrusion:
Product Code: MB819
Product Name: Masterset PET Antiblock
This product can also be used as mold release agent for PET Bottles. Typical let down ratio is between 1-3%. For PET sheets, we recommend 1-2%.

Key Benefits
  • Decreased surface friction and mold release force by 60%
  • Improved packing and processing of molded parts
  • Reduced scratch and scuff and enhanced surface quality
  • Easier processing and reduced manufacturing noise

No effect on Physical Properties of PET
  • Excellent color and clarity
  • No increase in acetaldehyde generation
  • No effect on intrinsic viscosity
  • No effect on injection pressure

Bottle Manufacturing
  • Increased packing density of preforms by 25%
  • Reduced Scratching and waste
  • Improved Flow of the finished bottles
New products
Setananoguard FC
Water and oil repellent

Setananoguard FC is a water and oil repellent agent that is produced by nanotehcnologies. It is resistant to washing and dry cleaning; therefore it leaves permanent effects on the fabric.

Setananofresh-air RF
Odour Absorber

Setananofresh air RF products are derivatives of cyclodextrine in nanodimensions. They absorb the odour into the iner-whole. After the durable treatment the bad-odour is withdrawn from the cyclodextrine molecules.

Setananofix TR conz.
Colour Stabilizer

Setananofix TR conz is a colour stabilizer that is produced through nano-technology. It reacts with dye molecules and provide good colorfastness properties.

Setananostat TM
Antistatic Finishing

Setananostat TM is an antistatic agent that is produced by nanotechnologies. It gives hydrophilic effects to the surface of synthetic fibres.

Setananostop CA
Antislip finishing

Setananostop CA is a special colloidal silica solution in nano-scale. By increasing the fibre-fibre friction values, it improves the antislip values and anti-snagging behavior with filament fabrics.

Setananosil KF
Softening agent

Setananosil KF is a nano-scale silicon emulsion. Due to its nano-dimension, it penetrates into the holes between the fibres and gives the textile fabric a soft and silky touch.

Setananolink YG
Anticrease Finishing

Setananolink YG is a nano-scale resin that adds anticrease effects to the fabric. It also provides high washing fastness.

Setananolub PE
Easy sewing finish

Setananolub PE is another nano-scale product. It has good washing fastness and easy fabric sewing properties. It reduces the friction between fibre-metal and fibre-fibre and also enables easy stitching with smooth touch and slippery effect.

Setananocover VK

Setananocover VK is a polyurethane product in nano-scale. It forms gel-film layer by making there dimensional crosslinking on the fabric. This film layer then provents any pilling on the fabric.


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