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About Us

Asia Dyestaff is dealer for SETAS Kimya San.Tic.Ltd in Uzbekistan. SETAS Kimya, has been established to develop and manufacture customer tailored textile lubricants for synthetic and natural fibre industry with the help of advanced laboratories and specific experience in this field. SETCHEM is able to test customer tailored products in its own pilot spinning and texturizing facilities for the sake of reducing the lead time of delivery upon the arrival of customer inquiry. In addition, SETCHEM is able to serve R&D and Technical Service to customers . The products are being manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 quality standards.

Who We Are
  • Setas Color Center (Setas Kimya) is the largest supplier of textile dyes and auxilaries in Turkey and in the Middle East.
  • 90 million USD Revenue in 2010
  • Over 210 Employees in Turkey
  • Production plants in Turkey, Syria, Egypt and Iran
  • Member of the ETAD Organization
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14000 certified
    • Divisions
    • Textile Dyes
    • Textile Auxiliaries
    • Paper Chemicals
    • Plastics & Masterbatch
    • Lubricants
    • Powder Coatings
    • Construction Chemicals
Setas Kimya's Masterbatch business started in 2003. Our first and a half year was spent for Polyester Fiber Masterbatch R&D. Our products for Polyester Fibers include color, additive, black and white masterbatches. We also produce liquid masterbatches for PET industry.

Until late 2008, our masterbatch division's main focus market was Polyester Fibers. Since then, Setas Masterbatch started manufacturing of plastics masterbatches with new team members that have brought over 25 years of experience in plastics masterbatch sales and manufacturing.

Our mission is to grow in plastics and fibers markets and become the largest masterbatch supplier in Eastern Europe and Middle East with focus on high quality, right price and fast service.

Our Business Goals
With new machinery investments in 2008 & 2010, Setas Masterbatch has over 6000 mta capacity for granule masterbatches and 6000 mta capacity for liquid masterbatches

Setas Masterbatch's goal is to establish herself as the leading masterbatch manufacturer for fiber and plastics in Turkey and grow her business to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Our Quality
Setas Masterbatch, being a part of Setas Kimya Sanayi, has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certifications. We deliver all of our products ROHS compliant [unless requested specifically by our customers outside of European Union and United States].

Setas Kimya is a member of the prestigious ETAD organization and being part of ETAD keeps Setas Masterbatch close to the latest developments in the Dye Industry.
New products
Setananoguard FC
Water and oil repellent

Setananoguard FC is a water and oil repellent agent that is produced by nanotehcnologies. It is resistant to washing and dry cleaning; therefore it leaves permanent effects on the fabric.

Setananofresh-air RF
Odour Absorber

Setananofresh air RF products are derivatives of cyclodextrine in nanodimensions. They absorb the odour into the iner-whole. After the durable treatment the bad-odour is withdrawn from the cyclodextrine molecules.

Setananofix TR conz.
Colour Stabilizer

Setananofix TR conz is a colour stabilizer that is produced through nano-technology. It reacts with dye molecules and provide good colorfastness properties.

Setananostat TM
Antistatic Finishing

Setananostat TM is an antistatic agent that is produced by nanotechnologies. It gives hydrophilic effects to the surface of synthetic fibres.

Setananostop CA
Antislip finishing

Setananostop CA is a special colloidal silica solution in nano-scale. By increasing the fibre-fibre friction values, it improves the antislip values and anti-snagging behavior with filament fabrics.

Setananosil KF
Softening agent

Setananosil KF is a nano-scale silicon emulsion. Due to its nano-dimension, it penetrates into the holes between the fibres and gives the textile fabric a soft and silky touch.

Setananolink YG
Anticrease Finishing

Setananolink YG is a nano-scale resin that adds anticrease effects to the fabric. It also provides high washing fastness.

Setananolub PE
Easy sewing finish

Setananolub PE is another nano-scale product. It has good washing fastness and easy fabric sewing properties. It reduces the friction between fibre-metal and fibre-fibre and also enables easy stitching with smooth touch and slippery effect.

Setananocover VK

Setananocover VK is a polyurethane product in nano-scale. It forms gel-film layer by making there dimensional crosslinking on the fabric. This film layer then provents any pilling on the fabric.


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